Before You Purchase

Questions to Ask Yourself before Your Next Vacuum Purchase

  • Would you rather have a vacuum cleaner that you need to replace every couple of years, or a durable machine that satisfies and lasts?
  • While buying a new car, do you test drive it first or blindly purchase it? Your vacuum purchase should be a similar situation; test drive your new machine for sound, feel, and handling.
  • If the car dealer has no capability of providing proper paperwork, warranty information, or service, would you still purchase a car from them? If you purchase a vacuum with no warranty information or paperwork, where will you take it for service?
  • Were the differences between models of vacuums thoroughly explained at the last place you purchased your machine? Were you properly instructed on how to use the features and accessories?
  • After purchasing a “pet” vacuum, did you find no significant difference in value or presentation from a standard machine?
  • Did you return to the place you purchased your vacuum cleaner for bags, belts, or filters, yet find that they were unavailable?
  • Do your trash cans contain bags, but your vacuum cleaner does not?
  • Is your bag-less vacuum losing its suction, although bag-less vacuum advertising states that it never will?
  • Did you know that vacuums containing bags can hold up to ten times more debris that a leading bag-less vacuum can?
  • Does your cleaning crew use their personal vacuum on your carpets and floors? Do you know what this vacuum was picking up on the floors of the previous house?